Mobius Mission

Mobius is unwavering in its pursuit of the best. The best assessment of clinical need. The best technologies to overcome limitations. And the best partnerships with industry pioneers and leaders.

Our mission is:

  • To make medical imaging readily available whenever and wherever it is needed
  • To create advanced imaging solutions that enhance usability and simplify workflow
  • To create value for our customers, investors, and stakeholders

Mobius Values

  • Leadership: The vision to solve problems that haven’t been solved before
  • Collaboration: The commitment to work together for the best possible solutions
  • Intelligence: The passion to work intelligently with partners to create useful products that simplify medical workflow and provide solutions to previously unmet imaging needs
  • Quality: The perseverance to make reliable products and maintain the effectiveness of our quality system as well as comply with regulatory requirements of the countries in which our products are distributed.

Message from Founder

The people of Mobius give meaning to the term Intelligent Imaging. Our engineers are not just talented technical people. They’re also pragmatists who know how to use technology to solve problems. They observe surgeries, conduct usability studies and most of all, listen. They take the time to understand the challenges healthcare practitioners face with medical imaging. Then they engineer solutions that reduce or eliminate those challenges. Our technical staff is supported by our investors, most of whom are surgeons or practitioners themselves. They are available to provide an intimate clinical perspective, guide development efforts and validate solutions. I’m proud of the working relationship our internal team has with our investors, and the collaborative environment our funding mechanisms allow. I’m also proud of our robust IP portfolio. We are diligently protecting the work of our outstanding team and ensuring ongoing value to employees, investors, and other stakeholders. Mobius delivers innovations that exceed expectations of where and how medical imaging can be used. On so many levels, our approach to Intelligent Imaging is nothing short of visionary. And our commitment to making a meaningful clinical difference remains steadfast.


Gene Gregerson President & CEO