Airo TruCT provides Point-of-Care imaging in Brachytherapy.  With its largest inner bore, patients can be scanned in the treatment position, minimizing possible catheter movement and helping to increase procedural accuracy.

Airo Brachytherapy, Intraoperative Imaging

Airo Benefits in Brachytherapy

World's Largest Inner Bore Diameter CT (107cm)

Provides immediate access to diagnostic CT

May reduce the number of patient transfers throughout the procedure helping to minimize risk

May increase daily treatment capacity by reducing the number of procedural steps in typical brachytherapy workflow

May reduce overall treatment cost by reducing procedural time

Point-of-Care CT can save time by eliminating the need to send the patient to radiology

Reference: Mobius Imaging Archives

Airo can potentially saves hours in HDR Prostate Brachytherapy Procedures

Eliminates having to schedule/transport the patient to radiology for confirmatory CT imaging following catheter placement

~0 hour time savings

Enables concurrent treatment planning while patient recovers in HDR suite following surgical placement of catheters. No additional patient transport required

~0 hour time savings

With Airo's largest inner bore, patient does not change from lithotomic position to horizontal, possibly resulting in catheter movement and repositioning

~0 minute time savings


Airo may save 2 4.5 hours depending upon the case

Reference: Reported clinical experience

Airo Brachytherapy, Intraoperative Imaging

Brachytherapy Package

The Trumpf Brachytherapy Package is a CT compatible imaging table optimized for Brachytherapy workflow. It is offered with table accessories that enable seamless integration with Airo for Brachytherapy procedures.