Diagnostic Radiology

Airo TruCT offers time-saving, diagnostic quality imaging for Diagnostic Radiology, ICU, and other Point-of-Care imaging.

Mobius Airo CT, Mobius Imaging

Airo Benefits in Point-of-Care CT Imaging

System mobility enables high utilization for Point-of-Care CT imaging


May provide faster clinical decision making for time-sensitive treatment


Offers unprecedented access to patient and instrumentation with largest inner bore available (107 cm)


51.2 cm FOV provides complete visualization in a single helical scan

Clinical Images From Airo TruCT



Soft Tissue


CT images source: Mobius Imaging archives

Ideally Suited for Point-of-Care CT imaging

Airo Pendant, Mobius Imaging

Easy-to-use, handheld pendant for patient setup, imaging and system transport

Airo Mobile Doorway

Ultra-small footprint enables ease of transport even through standard doorways

Airo CT Plugin, Image Guided Surgery

Plugs into standard wall outlet without special installation

Mobius Airo CT, Mobius Imaging

Ortho-Trauma Package

The Trumpf Ortho/Trauma Package is a CT compatible surgical table optimized for orthopedic imaging and emergency department workflow.  It is offered with a range of accessories appropriate for ortho-trauma procedures.