Airo TruCT for Neurosurgery is the largest inner bore, mobile intraoperative CT imaging system that seamlessly integrates into an OR environment. It provides intraoperative imaging for cranial and spinal procedures including those performed with surgical navigation.


Clinical Images From Airo TruCT


Skullbase Tumor

Spinal Deformity

Spinal Deformity with Hardware


CT images source: Mobius Imaging archives

Confirmatory Scan

CT images source: Mobius Imaging archives

3D Image Guidance

CT images source: Mobius Imaging archives

CT images source: Mobius Imaging archives

Airo in Neurosurgery

CT data sets are consistently used in Neurosurgical applications including intracranial and spine surgery. Often, these data sets are sent to a navigation system using the DICOM communications protocol enabling precise, minimally invasive image guided procedures.

Airo enhances the precision of neuro-navigation by providing near real-time intraoperative imaging whenever it is required during a procedure. Brain shift during intracranial surgery and anatomical movement in spine surgery during hardware placement can reduce the accuracy of navigation systems. Airo intraoperative CT updates the image sets used for navigation, helping to maintain overall surgical accuracy.

Benefits in Neurosurgery

Portability. Airo’s self propelled transport mode and forward facing camera means the system can easily be moved into and out of the operating room. It can also be moved between OR suites with little effort. Airo plugs into a standard wall power outlet.


Largest inner bore (107cm). Airo’s inner bore accommodates large patients and instrumentation during intraoperative imaging.


Compatibility with surgical navigation systems. Airo provides near real time updates for image guided surgery and can be used with any surgical navigation system that accepts sending CT image sets over a DICOM protocol.


Confirmatory CT scan. In-OR imaging enables confirmatory imaging showing hardware placement before closing. This can eliminate the need to transport the patient to Radiology and may help reduce surgical revision rates.

Airo Operation In Neurosurgery, Mobius Imaging

Navigated Procedures in Neurosurgery with Intraoperative Imaging Systems

Airo TruCT Fluoroscopy Cone Beam
Image Quality
Workflow -
Table Position
End of table Side of table Side of Table
Workflow - Surgical Access Full table access Limited access Limited access
Ave Acquisition Time* 5 minutes 7 minutes 14 minutes

*Includes setup/removal, draping, image acquisition & processing, transfer to navigation system. Data on file.

Carbon Spine Imaging Table for Airo

Cranial fixation system:
Carbon Spine Package Imaging Table

The Trumpf Carbon Spine Package is a CT compatible surgical table optimized for neurosurgical workflow and intraoperative imaging. It is offered with a suite of spine and intracranial accessories designed to maximize surgical utility across a wide range of procedures.

Airo Carbon Spine Table Top, Intraoperative Imaging

Surgical Imaging Table with support and positioning accessories