The Airo Veterinary TruCT is a true diagnostic helical scan imaging system suitable for standing head, sinus, dentition and spine studies of horses under light sedation.

Airo Standing Horse, Mobile CT Scanner


Airo may be raised to a height for scanning a standing equine head and neck, or the standing animal may be positioned lower than the base of the Airo

World's Largest Bore Diameter CT (107cm)

32 slice diagnostic quality, 51.2cm FOV

Mobile (drives through standard doorway)

Highly refined imaging chain initially developed for human use

The Image is Everything

Airo TruCT provides the unprecedented capability of standing equine CT image acquisition. The equine patient does not require anesthesia and can remain in a comfortable, standing position under light sedation during CT scan.

Neck Equine CT Scan, surgical navigation
Reference: Mobius Imaging Archives

Neck - Clinical Images from Airo TruCT
Standing equine, light sedation

Cranial Equine CT Scan, Surgical navigation
Reference: Mobius Imaging Archives

Cranial - Clinical Images from Airo TruCT
Standing equine, light sedation

Airo TruCT provides performance and visualization advantages over cone beam imaging

Imaging through thick equine anatomy
Large field of view imaging (diameter & length)
Excellent soft tissue definition
Multiple non-anesthetized study areas
Short setup time

Airo produces superior diagnostic quality CT images over commercially available cone beam devices.  32 slice, high resolution detectors provide the capability of discerning anatomical micro-fractures and other disorders in equine patients.  The ease in which scans can be acquired enables CT imaging for clinical assessment at any stage of equine life.